Stories of dressing in clothes of the opposite gender.  Cross-dressing is the wearing of clothing and other accoutrement commonly associated with the opposite gender.  The term cross-dressing denotes an action or a behavior without attributing or proposing causes for that behavior. It does not necessarily indicate transgender identity.

Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls: Tips, Tales, & Teachings from the Dean of the World's First Cross Dressing Academy

by Veronica Vera (1997)

It is estimated that three to five percent of the adult male population of the United States feels the need, at least occasionally, to dress in women's clothing. Judging from enrollment at her academy, Miss Vera would say that figure is low.

The Lazy Crossdresser

by Charles Anders (2002)

Studies show that as many as 5% of American men crossdress regularly - but not all of them want to crossdress fully or publicly. Charles Anders, a writer and crossdresser of many years` experience, gives you the skills and confidence you need to crossdress as much - or as little - as you want: embarrassment-free clothes shopping, doing your makeup, making decisions about your head and body hair, and much more.

Crossdressing with Dignity

by Peggy J. Rudd (2003)

The Scottish man wears a kilt, but is society ready for men who openly express femininity? Can men transcend gender lines and maintain their sense of self-worth and dignity? These are the questions that were asked in a survey of over 800 crossdressers worldwide used as the basis of this book. From an early age boys are taught to follow stereotypes of maleness. When a desire to express femininity exerts a greater force than the desire to live up to the appropriate image for masculinity, conflict may develop. This provocative book addresses these emotions and conflicts and provides solutions.

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