Biographies of the Transgender Experience or gender variant individuals.

Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography

by Christine T. Jorgensen, Susan Stryker (Introduction) (2000)

In 1951 George Jorgensen, an American man of 26, left for Denmark and returned a year later as the first world-renowned transsexual, Christine Jorgensen. In her own personable style, Jorgensen offers a firsthand account of her ground-breaking life. "Nature made a mistake," she wrote, "which I have corrected."


by Jan Morris (2006)

Conundrum, one of the earliest books to discuss transsexuality with honesty and without prurience, tells the story of James Morris’s hidden life and how he decided to bring it into the open, as he resolved first on a hormone treatment and, second, on risky experimental surgery that would turn him into the woman that he truly was.

Wrapped in Blue: A Journey of Discovery

by Donna Rose (2006)

Wrapped In Blue is Donna Rose's deeply personal memoir of self-discovery. The emotional story of her courageous and difficult journey across the gender line challenges the reader to consider life, love and gender in a new and insightful way. In the process, it provides a unique, intriguing, and sometimes humorous perspective on the differences between men and women.

As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl

by John Colapinto (2006)

In 1967, after a baby boy suffered a botched circumcision, his family agreed to a radical treatment. On the advice of a renowned expert in gender identity and sexual reassignment at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the boy was surgically altered to live as a girl.

Right Side Out: In-tune Within, To Be in Harmony with the World

by Annah Moore (2006)

Far more than a transsexual memoir, Right Side Out: In-tune Within, To Be In Harmony With The World is a plunge into the core of what makes a person who they are--a journey into the brightest and darkest recesses of humanity and back through author Annah Moore’s unique and deeply passionate struggle for survival in a quest to find her true self.

Mom I Need to be a Girl

by Just Evelyn, Evelyn D. Lindenmuth (2007)

This book, written by the single mother of a Transsexual teen-ager, is a true account of their experiences wending their way through the morass of roadblocks and confusion in seeking approval for the son to become the daughter she had always been meant to be. It describes clearly the troubles that the "system" deliver to maintain the status-quo, and the overwhelming drive needed by both the child and the parent in overcoming these burdens and achieving success. This should be required reading for any parent of a Transgendered person.

Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man

by Chaz Bono (2011)

Bono (child of Sonny & Cher) traces his very public transition from Chastity to Chaz in a two-part work that first discusses his gender-identity issues in childhood and struggle with addiction as an adult and then recounts, step by step and with photos, his transition from woman to man.

Nina Here Nor There: My Journey Beyond Gender

by Nick Krieger (2011)

The next-generation Stone Butch Blues—a contemporary memoir of gender awakening and a classic tale of first love and self-discovery.

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