Recommended Reading

Here is our updated (Dec. 2011) list of recommended Gender Variant related books.  The titles were chosen for their relevence to our membership, their families, and friends.  We also salute our allies and clinical professionals who support the gender variant community. 

Each book is linked to a book seller where you can purchase it.  By using our links you also help the Gender Identity Center of Colorado.  Thank you very much!


Biographies of the Transgender Experience or gender variant individuals.


Stories of dressing in clothes of the opposite gender.  Cross-dressing is the wearing of clothing and other accoutrement commonly associated with the opposite gender.  The term cross-dressing denotes an action or a behavior without attributing or proposing causes for that behavior. It does not necessarily indicate transgender identity.

Professional Care and Counseling

Clinically based books on the care and counseling of gender variant persons.

Transgender / Gender Variant Overview

These are general books that cover Transgender, Transsexualism, and Gender Queer.  If you are curious to know more about Gender Variant identities this is the place to start.  Click the title for more info and to purchase the book. 

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