Denver Area Resources

A listing of Denver area resources, including therapists, doctors and others

Places of Worship

The list here includes places either we have attended or someone in our Trans or GLB community has attended (attends) and can affirm their Love and Openness to ALL. We can assure you that Denver has very open and accepting Places of Worship, so feel free to explore.

If you attend or know of a place that you would like to add, please email us at
** Just because the Place of Worship is listed here is no guarentee that you will be treated with respect or dignity, as always, that is up to you.  
***We have just started adding Places of Worship, so please don't be offended if we haven't gotten yours listed or know of yours yet.

Housing & Shelters in the Denver area

Please call the shelter and confirm location and requirements for admission.  We have not confirmed Transgender acceptance in over a year.  This list will be updated periodically.

Colorado Coalition (303-293-2217)  TG/TS  LGB  Kids  No couples w/o kids

Affordable housing for families, 7:30 am line up, 1st come 1st served, ID req’d, bring proof of income if available, birth certificate or social security card for children, ISX ct. reported discrimination justified by staff saying that being Trans* is a threat to others.

Community Resources (303-291-5178)  TG/TS  LGB  No Kids   No Couples

Housing Assistance for individuals, 8:30 line up for Appt’s, 25 people randomly chosen daily.

Delores Project (303-534-5411)  TG/TS  LGB  No Kids  No Couples

Women only, emergency & transitional shelter program, call after 11:30 am to reserve a bed, no ID req’d, but a TB test is req’d.   ISX ct. reported lack of safety when sexually assaulted by another resident – staff blamed her for “coming on too strong” though her girlfriend was in residence with her and no advances were made. 

Gateway (303-761-7721)  TG/TS  LGB  No Kids   No Couples

Transitional living facility from 30 day treatment program – 90 day facility

Interfaith Hospitality (303-675-0713)  TG/TS  LGB  Kids   No Couples w/o kids Emergency shelter for families (children must be present), no warrants, and ID’s/BC req’d for all.

The (Jeffco) Action Center (720-407-6670)  TG/TS  LGB  Kids  Couples

Emergency Shelter, single/couples (including same sex couples)/ family units, asset-based incentive long-term program

Lawrence Street Shelter (303-294-0157)  no TG/TS  no LGB  no Kids  no Couples

Cisgender men only, emergency shelter, transitional housing

Safe House Denver (303-318-9989)  TG/TS  LGB  Kids  Couples (if both=DV exp.)

Women only, emergency shelter, DV counseling, support groups, No ID or Documentation req’d.

Samaritan House (303-294-0241)  no TG/TS  No LGB  Kids Couples

Emergency shelter (up to 4 mos.), families/individuals, walk-in (lottery) intake process

Urban Peak (303-974-2900)  TG/TS  LGB   no babies  no couples

Youth emergency shelter, ages 15-20, ID req’d, Hotline: 303-974-2908

Warren Village (303-321-2345)  TG/TS  LGB  Kids  no Couples

Apartments & Child care for single parent families of one adult and up to 6 children.

Women’s Crisis & Family Outreach Center (303-688-1094)  TG/TS  LGB

(Douglas County) All domestic violence victims and their children, women, men, and transgender, Hotline: 303-688-8484

Transgender Housing Network - Please check the page often as it changes frequently.

Individuals with a couch to share or if you need a couch.


Memorial Services

Ifa-El Akbar Lewis MASM.,
Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® Glendale, Colorado
Cell: 720-921-6767
Funeral Celebrations, Gender transitions, and Pet memorials...

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