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The following sites provide specific information on making legal changes of gender in the State of Colorado.  Please be advised that some procedures will change by county and while we attempt to make this info as accurate as possible, it is up to you to verify the procedure and follow through with the process supplying all necessary documentation, fees, etc.  If you have specific questions we are happy to assist.  Come to a support group meeting or give us a call.  

Colorado Drivers License Gender Marker Change

Colorado Transgender Advocate does a great job of explaining the process in as few words as necessary. Please visit the page below for details.

Colorado Legal Name Change

The process is involved and takes several months so please do your research. The following link provides forms and instructions. Be aware that back ground checks must be done by both the state and federal agencies. We offer this link as a service to you, however we are not lawyers and make no claim as such. Start with form JDF 432.

Colorado Birth Certificate Gender Change

Gender change via sex reassignment surgery is a process whereby the physical characteristics and/or social gender role of an individual are changed to reflect the sex opposite of that which was determined at birth.  This type of gender or sex change is different from when misinformation is recorded during the filing of the original birth certificate.  The procedure to change a Colorado Birth Certificate as a result of gender change via surgical procedure (SRS) is found at the link provided.  Click title for more info. 

Change Gender Marker on Passport

In order to change your gender marker on your passport follow the link provided to the letter. If you are getting a new passport go to this page, click here and follow the directions. Understand that if you have not been treated by a physician for your gender incongruence and provide the proper documentation then you will not be allowed to make the change. Surgery is no longer necessary, only proof that you are living full time in your new gender. This comes from your treating physician. Proof of name change is required if it has been completed, as is a current photo, and proper fees.  

State by State DL gender change info

Last year(2012), about a half a dozen states updated their policies for driver's license name and gender changes.  Click title for TransEquality's map of changes by state.  

Name Change info State by State

This link is from TSRoadMap (Andrea James) and we share this as a service to our members.  Please verify the information with your local court or court to do the name change as there may be variance by county or municipality. 

Birth Certificate and Name Change Info

This info is from Dr Becky and shoud be verified through the local court or municipality in which you were born and/or plan on changing your name. 

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