Drop-In Hours


Mon:  10AM  -  9PM
Tue: 10AM  - 7PM
Wed:  10AM  -  7PM
Thu:  10AM  -  7PM
Fri: 10AM  - 7PM
Sat:  10AM  -  7PM


Drop-In Hours means anyone is welcome to drop in during these hours for conversation, resources, area gender services, wi-fi, snacks, coffee & beverages - Donations Welcome.

We also have scheduled activities (counseling sessions, meetings, support groups, social events) which take place at various times throughout the week.  If you are coming at a time not listed above please make sure it is for a specific event such as counseling or support group, etc. 

Monday nights we stay open late for individual support.  This is a great time for first timers, those questioning their gender, or those starting out who need to get their questions answered.  It is also a good time for family, friends, and allies to come in and chat one on one with an experienced volunteer. The open group on Sat. night is often a very large group and this can be intimidating, while Monday night is often very quiet and subdued.  We are here for YOU. 

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