Gold Rush 2012 Photos

Here are a few pictures from this year's event.  We are open to posting your pics by simply sending them to  By sending the pics you are giving us permission to post them publicly.  

Arlene Lev

Arlene Lev was our Sat. night Keynote speaker and also lead the Plenary on Standards of Care, V.7


Kathe Perez

Kathe Perez was our Friday night Keynote speaker, and she also lead several workshops on Feminine Voice.


Brad Clark

Kate with Brad Clark of One Colorado was another of our noted Keynote Speakers.


FACE the musical group

FACE, the Vocal Rock Band was our Friday night entertainment.



Harmony Chorale

Harmony Chorale was our Sat. Night entertainment


Having Fun

Krishna Pattisapu and Marv Allen are having fun! 



Christopher Chalberg, US dept. of Justice, Lead our Plenary on Hate Crime law


 Mindy Barton

 Mindy Barton, Legal Counsel for GLBT Community Center of Colorado.  Participated in the Plenary on Hate crime and also led a workshop on Colorado Legal issues and anti-discrimination law.  


Justice Panel

The plenary on Hate Crime Law and Justice was attended by Colorado US Attorney's Office -Thomas O'Rouke, FBI officer Brian Schmitt, Denver Police Dept. Detective Ty Campbell, and Legal counsel for GLBT Center - Mindy Barton. 


Dr Leis

Dr. Sherman Leis entertained us Friday night with his Clarinet.  Thank you Dr. Leis!


Terrence Murphy, MD

Dr. Terrence Murphy of Denver spoke about Revealing your true self with Plastic Surgery.


Dr Wegleitner

Dr Anna Wegleitner spoke on Hormones for Gender Transformation.  


Karen Scarpella

Karen Scarpella, PhD - Program Director of the Gender Identity Center. Our fearless leader!


Kate Bowman

Kate Bowman, Chair and organizer of Gold Rush 2012, plus President of the Gender Identity Center of Colorado.  


 Denise Leclair

 Denise Leclair of the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) 


Rachel Chaparro

Rachel Chaparro from the Denver Mayor's GLBT commission.


Karen Adams

Karen Adams recieving the Melissa Chapman Award for Individual Effort Affecting Social Change.  Some history on this award is as follows: Melissa Chapman found that state policy regarding sex designation on Colorado driver’s licenses to be unacceptable.  She applied for her new driver’s license, and found she could not change the sex without having completed surgery.  Working with the DMV and then State Attorney General Gale Norton, she single-handedly achieved what no one else even thought to try.  The policy was repealed later and then in 2006 Kelley Winters and BJ Kamagaki went back to the DMV and were instrumental in reestablishing a policy.  Kelley and BJ were winners of this award  in 2007.


Diana Nelson

Diana Nelson, Sonja's Dream Lifetime Achievement winner


Dana Zzyym

Dana Zzyym, leader of Intersex Support Group, Northern Colorado GLBT Center





 Hana Designs

Anna (left) and Wannapa with Hana Designs


Paige Stevens

Paige Stevens








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