Dr Becky Allison

Rebecca Allison was born in Mississippi, and attended the University of Mississippi where she received her BS and MD degrees.  She completed training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the University Medical Center in Jackson.  Becky lost her cardiology practice in Mississippi when she began her gender transition in 1993.  She moved to Atlanta and, after completing transition, moved to Phoenix in 1994.  
In 1996, Becky established her website which became drbecky.com, and published the story of her transition year as a daily journal.
 "The Real Life Test" served as a source of support and hope to many persons preparing for transition.  
The site also featured essays on:
spiritual subjects
a state-by-state instruction on changing the birth certificate
and a list of therapists who treat transgender persons.

In 2004, Becky was selected to be a cast member in "The Vagina Monologues" in Hollywood, California, the first production ever whose actresses were all transgender women.  
That same year she was elected to the Board of Directors of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, where she served as President from 2009-2011.  
She is a member of the WPATH Board of Directors.  
In 2009 she was an invited speaker at the annual Scientific Sessions of the American College of Cardiology, speaking on Gender Identity Disorder and the DSM.

For seven years, Becky and her partner, Margaux Schaffer, presented the Transgender Day of Remembrance at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix.
For the last 18 years Becky has maintained a cardiology practice in Phoenix, where she and Margaux share a home with their huge Russian Blue cat, Bud.

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